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Men’s Beach Flip-flops. These comfortable and stylish beach flip-flops will be your favorite casual sandals this summer! Product Features Manmade Materials Casual summer sandals Soft and flexible 5/8″ sole Soft rubber thong strap Lightly textured footbed and treaded outsole to prevent slippage

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7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13


Beach, Black, Green, Navy, Obsidian Black, Pier, Red, Yellow

10 reviews for Men’s Flip-Flops

  1. Queeno

    Durable and not 60$ per pair. Why pay that much when these are perfect and do the same thing.

  2. Ray Evans

    I honestly just wanted a decent pair of flip flops with a cool design on it and these deliver. They fit as expected and give exactly what you pay for. And I do like the design at the bottom for that ‘I want something that says Los Angeles’ bug. They also fit as one would expect. Good deal if you want something no frills.

  3. Terese Ganser

    My husband were a 9.5 so we purchased size 10. At first my husband did not try on because he thought they were too decorative for a man and they seemed too large. I registered to return them and realized I would have to pay postage which was half the cost. He finally tried them on and they weren’t too big or frilly and now he really likes them. They are sturdy rubber without being hard. Should hold up better than the grocery store brand. Great for getting to and from the pool. They were worth the modest price.

  4. K.S.

    This is a great quality pair of flip flops! Better than the ones I got for double the price a while back. Also highly recommend this color.

  5. GZ

    They fit perfectly for me. I wear several sizes smaller so I intentionally ordered them in a bigger size.

  6. David Almond

    Usually I try to find these for a couple of dollars at Target, etc., but in the winter they are not available, so I coughed up the $8 for these. Well worth it. Well made, nice looking. I wear an 11 but ordered a size 10 as I like a tighter fit. My heal/toes do not hang off, so the fit is perfect, Highly recommend!

  7. C. E. Allen

    At first I didn’t know what to expect, but once I received my “flip-flops” I was satisfied with my purchase. They are well made, stylish and a perfect fit. I use them as shower-shoes to wear when showering at the gym. Yes, I would buy them again and recommend the purchase…

  8. Guitarist

    I bought mine.. a size or so above … fit-is-fineYou see my feet size 8.5 EEEE .. fit with reasonable margin on these size 11 ..flops..I like the slight oversize.. this is a perfect match – IMOThings like this are cheap to make (sure) – BUT .. if they are done right..are ….worth the cost of a beer.. I think.I find them great! I don’t want them too decorated…..The center ‘nub’ (underneath) needs to seat – which will happen with a walk-around…The sole is a few layers..soft but tough………..I see they WILL NOT tear, or fail to soften-my-step … I’m very happy.I got them for my Hawaii walk on the beach.. with daughter…on sand and cement.. they are solid OldSchool !!and – THEY ARE COMFORTABLE!……says…… a tenderfoot

  9. Alara

    I was looking for a new pair of flip flops to wear in the shower since I’m currently still in student housing, and I bought these to replace my old pair that were worn through. I bought these in late May/early June 2019, and they were used through the end of July and then again in September through December and February through March. It’s now March 2020 and the only true wear that I’ve seen is that the logo has come off the heel of the shoe. The shoes are very comfortable – not super squishy that you sink in but also not hard that it hurts to walk on with no give. The toe strap (is that what you call it?) doesn’t have one of those annoying seams, and it’s never irritated my skin. Overall, these have been very comfortable for me and show no real signs of wear after 6+ months of use; however, I don’t ever wear them outside the house, so I can’t say how they would do in the outdoors.

  10. Caleb Forbes-Montgomery

    Item was perfect size! Walked around all of Disney World with these and had no complaints. Even pleasantly surprised that there was no fading or rubbing of the white lettering!

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